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Why the PenPoint?

We set out with a seemingly simple goal: to bridge the gap between the outdated desktop mouse and the often frustrating, yet convenient, trackpad.

Problem: In today's fast-paced mobile friendly world, we find ourselves working from the most obscure places for many reasons: better work-life balance, convenience, because we can... This leads us to places like coffee shops, local dog parks, your couch, your bed (we won't judge) rather than the age-old computer desks. Even big business is taking note and providing more open-concept office spaces where bean bags are the norm. Yet, we are stuck with two options: the desktop mouse, optimized for, well, desks and mouse pads; or in the above cases, leaving us with the trackpad, the default input source but isn't ideal, efficient or accurate.

Solution: As such, years of research, user feedback and hundreds of design iterations led us to the mature, well-crafted device we have today!

Standard Functions and Features

Two-button mouse: The two buttons act as your standard left/right clicks.

Scroll 'Wheel': Allows for convenient scrolling or zooming in/out. Also doubles as a slide control for the presenter model. 

One-step setup: Each mouse comes with a unique wireless RF micro USB dongle; simply plug into an open USB port; it's even small enough to leave in. No installation or driver downloads necessary.

Wireless: 2.4GHz RF wireless reciever allows up to 30 ft transmission distance. 

Rechargeable: Built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 2 weeks on one charge (power off between use for best battery life). Recommended: fully charge before presentations (*PP1 only) for best results, as the laser requires extra juice. Comes with USB charge cable; also works while charging. 

Travel-Safe: Non-Lithium battery type makes it travel and mail-carrier safe. 

Ambidextrous: WIth the buttons aligned vertically, allows for right-handed or left-handed use without messing with computer settings.

Laser and Presenter Mode: Quickly switch from mouse to presentation mode to fire the built-in laser pointer and control your slide deck. *PenPoint1 Model only

Why the Pen-Shape?

Comfort: The pen-shape offers best-in-class ergonomics and ease in any situation; making it as comfortable and native as holding a pen and writing a note.

Versatile: The v-shaped tip where the mouse contacts a surface has a much smaller and angled footprint when compared to a standard mouse, ensuring contact on soft and uneven surfaces; making seamless work on a comfy couch or a pant leg.

Compact: Not much larger than an actual pen, makes it quick and easy to pack in your laptop carry. Additionally, the wireless USB nano-dongle is small enough to leave plugged into your laptop computer; just plug and forget. 

Award-winning: Did we mention our unique pen-design is also award-winning? Earning Japan's coveted G-Mark Product Design Award for Excellence in Execution, Aesthetics and Function. 

Why Blue Light?

Versatile and Precise: Our Patented Blue-Light Technology employs custom-designed optics and sensors, as well as 1000DPI settings to improve "vision" and tracking on obscure non-standard surfaces. 

Ergonomic: As a secondary benefit, this also reduces the overall footprint needed to traverse your screen. For comparison, a standard mouse requires ~5 square-inch area to navigate a normal screen, while ours needs about 1 square-inch (or less than a half a credit card). Making smaller movements, means less hand and wrist motion, once again improving overall ergonomics. 


*PENPOINT 1 Model Only:

As an additional bonus feature, we've included a built-in laser pointer with presentation mode switch to quickly jump from mouse functions to presenting. Be prepared to nail that pitch without carrying multiple devices.

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