PenPoint 0 (PP0) - Professional Pen-Mouse

Piko Tech


PenPoint 0 Features & Functions:

  • Ergonomic and Award winning pen-shaped design - perfectly distributed weight and soft grip for comfort, matching natural writing operations - compact design packs into your laptop carry as easy as a pen
  • Patented Blue Light Optical technology tracks seamlessly on most non-standard surfaces
  • Easy Setup* - Simply plug in the supplied USB nano dongle, no other set up required
  • Increased Precision - 1000 DPI reduces amount of surface area needed
  • Wireless up to 30ft - 2.4GHz RF technology via USB dongle
  • Travel-safe, Built-in, rechargeable, non-Lithium Battery - Lasts up to a week between charges under normal operating use - suggest turning off between use to conserve battery life
  • Angled and self-standing bottom and leaner-footing that works even on soft and curved surfaces

Package Includes:

  • Professional Pen-Mouse
  • USB Dongle with unique wireless ID
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
*Windows and Mac Compatible with USB port

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